Ballydehob Set For Annual Mad Pride Family Fun Day

Mad Pride Family Fun Day is hosting its annual event in West Cork in the Ballydehob Town Park on Sunday May 27th from 1pm to 5pm. This event is the result of an invite to Mad Pride Ireland from the West Cork Mental Health Forum to host the fully free event in an effort to break down stigma in mental health.

Ballydehob will be the first event on the Mad Pride Ireland calendar for 2012. The focus of Mad Pride Family Fun Days is to engage the community through fun and laughter and thereby break down stigma and increase awareness and understanding of the normality of madness. Visitors at this fully free event will be entertained by musical acts, street performers, clowns and food stalls.

Since the first event in Cork, in 2008over 62,500 people have enjoyed the free Fun Days in Cork, Portlaoise, Killarney, Tullamore and even Mbula Uganda. David Mc Carthy Mad Pride Ireland said:

So it is that time again, time for us to go on the road and bring our brand of fun and laughter around the country. We are really excited about our event in Ballydehob, it marks the ever growing reputation of Mad Pride Ireland has and it is very exciting to be back in West Cork to host our event at a community level like this.

There is a lot going on in mental health in 2012, the review of the Mental Health Act 2001 being the most important and we hope Minister Kathleen Lynch, who will attend the event, will get inspiration for an alternative and wider view of what’s needed in mental health care. We had a great year last year and we know 2012 will be even better, what better way could we start then spending a beautiful sunny day in each other’s company, I hope to see you all on Sunday May 27th in Ballydehob.”

Martin Mulchrone, West Cork Mental Health Forum said:

The West Cork Mental Health Forum is happy to be associated with Mad Pride Family Fun Day and hopes, through fun and entertainment, to create a better understanding of mental health wellness; this year the programme has been extended to the wider West Cork community whereby several groups/individuals are partaking in the event

Kevin O’Shanahan Arts and Mental Health Co-Ordinator, West Cork Mental Health Services said:

We ask that families and individuals alike come along on May 27th and join in the fun, laughter and music there will be no speeches, no preaching and no lectures we will simply enjoy each other’s company in an open friendly fun way.

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We believe that the best way to promote understanding of the issues surrounding mental health is to engage the community through active participation in a fun environment.

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